Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Mai of the Island - Last Day to Get Your Free Copy!

Today's the last day to get your free copy!

Last I checked, Mai of the Island was ranked 35th in lesbian erotica! Thank you for getting me here. And special thanks to Scarlett Knight for the signal boost that skyrocketed the number of downloads :)

Big day tomorrow. The Pet Project goes live on all major ebook retailers both as a separate story Back to School anthology from Torquere Press. You can find them on Amazon at these links:

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Mai of the Island - Free on Amazon!

As a promo for my up coming lesbian short story, The Pet Project, I’m giving away ‘Mai of the Island’ free on Amazon. Here’s the link to the free eBook:


The offer lasts till 18th October. Go grab your copy now!

The Pet Project releases on 19th Oct as part of the Back to School anthology from Torquere Press. And it is open for pre-order on Amazon:


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mai of the Island - A Preview

     Mai stood on the beach and watched the setting sun cast the water in the same shade as the lava that bubbled deep within the belly of Mount Peelu, while the gentle waves lapped at her feet and buried them in the loose sand. Her tresses billowed about in the cool evening breeze, a novelty which she quite enjoyed. The younger women of her village had taken her aside at the crack of dawn that day, and undid her girlish braid; anointed it with a sweet smelling herbal paste; and washed it with the hot water from the spring, welcoming her to womanhood.

     It wasn't how Mai imagined it would be, though. She had known about the blood and the hot pain in her womb, but somehow, she didn't feel all that different from the last week, before it had finally happened. A little feverish maybe, but she assumed it was the anticipation for her rite of passage tomorrow—men from her village would visit her in the ceremonial hut and induct her, one by one. The women were all quiet about what went on in there, even her mother. Then again, her mother spoke to her only when it was absolutely necessary, and avoided her at all other times.

     Mai wished her rite had coincided with a few other girls. She took a deep breath of the tangy sea breeze to clear her head; it helped, just like when she went spearing for fish. She freed her feet from the wet sand and made her way to the cliff. The grandmother had warned her not to wander too far, but it was her last night as a maiden, and she wanted to spend it gazing at the dark glittering beach in the sky; the place where her ancestors went to begin their next life.


     Mai didn't encounter anyone from the village; they were busy setting up the ceremonial hut. It had been a year since anyone attained womanhood, and hence it was an occasion to celebrate. She walked eastward, up the gentle hill that ended in an abrupt cliff overlooking the beach. The cliff was her usual haunt away from the village and its mundane life. The breeze was a little stronger up there; it kept the pesky mosquitoes away. She settled down leaning against a smooth boulder, watching the darkness chase away the last colours from the sky.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mai of the Island - Live on Amazon!

It's alive! 

You can now order my book or borrow it using Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Mai of the Island - A Lesbian Erotica

Life demands change, and change is scary.

When Mai's long-awaited turn to undergo the mysterious rite of passage to womanhood comes, she withdraws into herself, afraid to reach out. But help arrives from the least likely place to ease her mind.

Mai of the Island - Coming soon on Amazon!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Temple of the One - 2

(cont. from: http://eroticsnippets.blogspot.com/2015/08/temple-of-one-1.html)

The priestess, although in fervent passion, noticed our presence outside her alcove and gently tapped one of the acolytes, motioning the younger woman to shift into her position. The elderly patron barely emerged from the musky trance for a second before she was plunged again into the loins of the young acolyte.

Gathering herself for a moment, the priestess then sashayed towards us, unmindful of her nipples, still pert from the ministrations she had received, and the jiggle of her breasts. A luminescent silver circlet on her brow kept her long dark hair out of her face. A white cotton loin cloth hung from the glimmering golden girdle that adorned her hips. When she came to stand in front of us, she barely reached my shoulders, and yet there was a calm ferocity in her eyes that implied an uncommon strength.

And in the same silence that she had guided me through the passage, the High Priestess nodded at her lesser and then at me, and left us. I was now under the tutelage of this fiery priestess.

She didn't offer a greeting or a smile but she reached forward and clutched my arm, just above my elbow and tugged me closer. The hand burnt my skin with her passion as she impressed upon my lips a scorching kiss. She made me bend forward into an awkward stance for the kiss which was tapping into the water element inside me.

The steam of passion that misted around us let loose the fire inside me. It asserted it's hold on me; I say it like it's something different from me but it it's not, I'm it, and it is a part of me.

My raging fire met the priestess' inferno. With my primary element fully awakened, I pulled her small frame closer to my body and leant in, crushing her full breasts on my lean abdomen, and threatening to sweep her off her feet. I was inflamed with desire, yet she held her ground and her deft fingers invaded my loins and worked their magic. It was heat as I had never experienced before and its intensity seared through me, fanning my own flames even further.

Just when I thought I couldn't handle it any longer, the priestess relinquished her embrace. My heart raced, driving the blood to my skin in an attempt to cool my body. No one had ever made me sweat like this before. There was no doubt that I had much to learn, even about my primary element.

The priestess smiled; her pixie face lit up like a little girl presented a surprise gift. She led me inside her alcove to the elderly patron. She gestured me to take her.

Temple of the One - 1


The Head Priestess chastised me silently before I even opened my mouth. She turned and glided down the passage, towards the sanctum; I followed, in her wake.

The sunlight dimmed and the steady flame of the torches, mounted high on either walls, lit our path in a red-orange glow. I could hear the faint sounds at the end of the corridor, they were offerings to the One. 

I was going to see the spectacle of the patrons and the priestesses with their acolytes. I was an acolyte now, not a neophyte, I reminded myself. I was going to meet the priestess under whom I'd serve and learn and one day if I was truly blessed as they claimed me to be, I might experience the Visitation. I tried to calm myself and slow my thundering heart. I didn't want the Head Priestess to chide me again.

The songs of passion were clearer now; I picked up the individual notes. A keening, a grunt, a moan, a growl, and the percussion of flesh slapping on flesh. We arrived at the end of the passage. 

This was the sanctum. There was no idol or shrine like in the temple of the lesser gods and goddesses, for the One was everywhere life thrived, and in the sanctum, life was celebrated in its primal form, stripped off all trappings of society. 

I tried not to stare at the tangle of flesh, engaged in coitus in the alcoves set into the walls. I was but an acolyte fresh, the visions and the sounds and the aromas, worked their magic inside me, drawing both fire and water from my body, my dominant elements. 

The High Priestess halted before the mouth of one of the chambers. Inside, a priestess seated high was serviced by a patron, an elderly woman with grey hair and splotched skin. The woman was lapping at the nectar dripping from the priestess' cunt, while two acolytes kept her imprisoned in that position. Fire and water - sapphic dominance. My breath caught at the tableau before me, this would be where I begin my service to the One.